Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sigismund Pilinsky (Tenor) (Budapest 1891 - Budapest 1963)

His real name  was Zsigmond Pilinszky. He studied singing at the conservatoire of Budapest, then under Mrs. Böhme-Köhler in Leipzig, in the end, with Konrad von Zawilowski in Berlin. He made his debut in 1912 at the Opera House of Miskolc and sang since 1913 at the Budapest National Opera to which he belonged till 1927. In 1928 he was engaged by the Städtische Operin Berlin. In 1928 he appeared with great success in Berlinas Johann von Leiden in Meyerbeer’s ‘’Prophet’’. In the 1930-1931 season at the Bayreuth Festival he performed in ‘’Tannhäuser’’. He guested successfully in Vienna, London, Chicago and San Francisco. Since 1932 he was engaged again by the Budapest National Opera and then worked there as a vocal pedagogue.

Chronology of some appearances

1912 MiskolcOpera House  
1913 BudapestNational Opera
1928 Berlin Städtische Oper
1930 Bayreuth Festival
1932 Budapest National Opera


Parlophon, Berlin 1928-04-25
Prophète (Meyerbeer): Herr, dich in den Sternenkreisen (w. chorus) O-6809 xxB8063

Parlophon, Berlin 1928/1929
Lohengrin (Wagner): Mein lieber Schwan P9635-II 20736

Tannhäuser (Wagner): Inbrunst im Herzen LWX WAX5716

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