Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ernest Van Dyck (Tenor) (Antwerp 1861- Berlaar 1923)


For a short time he studied law and worked as a journalist before beginning singing lessons with, among others, the composers Chabrier and Massenet, an association that led to his creation of Massenet's Werther in 1892. His first appearance in Bayreuthwas in 1888 as Parsifal. Although he did not have the most beautiful voice, his intelligence and the ability to learn roles on short notice were a godsend to opera house managements.

Chronology of some appearances

Lohengrin 1/2/191900, Loge 2/6/191900, Siegmund 2/8/191900, Tristan 3/6/191900, Tannhäuser 12/27/191900, Siegmund 1/10/191901, Loge 1/24/191901, Siegmund 1/29/191901, Tannhäuser 2/14/191901, Tristan 12/26/191901, Le docteur Faust 1/28/191902, Siegmund 2/13/191902 (Filadelfia)


Pathé Cylinders, London 1903
Walkyre (Wagner): Chant d'amour 60602
Werther (Massenet): Stances d'Ossian 60604
Meistersinger (Wagner): Walther vor die Meisterzunft 60605

Homophone, Paris 1905
J'ai pardonne (Schumann) 8702

Fonotipia, Paris 1905
Dichterliebe (Schumann) Ich grolle nicht 39100 xPh 535
Die Meistersinger (Wagner): Walter devant les mâitres 8703
Du bist wie eine blume (Schumann) 39101 xPh 539
Een bloemken (Nicolai) 39102  xPh 542
Die Walküre (Wagner): Plus d'hiver, déjà le printemps commence 39098 xPh 536

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