Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dario Zani (Baritone) (Mantova 1882 - ?)

His name appears in small opera houses of the Italian province since about 1909. In 1919 he sang at the Teatro Lirico of Milan in a gala performance for American president Wilson, singing the role of Amonasro in Verdi’s ‘’Aida’’. In 1920 he appeared at the Teatro Politeama Genovese in Genova as Giannotto in Mascagni’s ‘’Lodoletta’’. Later he belonged to the ‘’Teatro dei Piccoli’’ in whose opera performances on the doll stage he worked not only as a director, but also as a singer. With this puppet theater he made guest appearances in many countries and  in 1933 went to USA and as a mamber of the ‘’Teatro dei Piccoli’’ sang in different New York theatres. He retired in 1950’s.

Chronology of some appearances

1909 Lublino Teatro Nazionale Traviata (Germont)
1911 San Paolo Teatro San Josè Boheme (Schaunard)
1913 San Paolo Teatro San Josè Carmen (Escamillo)
1915 Milano Teatro Carcano Traviata (Germont)
1918  Milano Teatro Carcano Fanciulla del West (Rance)
1920 Genova Politeama Genovese Aida (Amonasro)
1922 Venezia Teatro Malibran Forza del destino (Carlo)
1924 Lucca Teatro del Giglio Tosca (Scarpia)
1926 La Valletta/Malta Teatro Reale Ernani (Carlo)
1928 Chiavari  Teatro Cantero Trovatore (Conte)
1930 Chiavari  Teatro Verdi Tosca (Scarpia)                        
1933 New York National Theater Stagione Compagnia di Marionette Podreccas


Gramophone, Milano 1918-11-06
Zaza (Leoncavallo): Zaza, piccola zingara 7-252121  R5745

Gramophone, Milano 1918-11-21
Gioconda (Ponchielli): Enzo Grimaldo with Beniamino Gigli 2-054084 DB267

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