Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Joseph Shlisky (Tenor) (Ostrowce, Poland 1896 - New York 1955)

Joseph Shlisky was born in 1893, but the place of his birth is not known. We do know that he graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto in 1917 and debuted in New York Cityin 1919. For the next 20 years he held positions in leading New York synagogues and gave concerts throughout the nation. In 1940, at the height of his career, he was stricken with a paralytic stroke and never sang again. Shlisky died in New York in 1955. At one time in his career he was actually signed to appear with the San Carlo Opera Company in ‘’La Boheme’’, ‘’La Juive’’, and ‘’Tosca’’, but at the last minute passed up the opportunity because of his dedication to the cantorate.


La Juive (Halevy): Rachel aria A-2001
Les Pecheurs des Perles (Bizet): Je crois entendre encore B-2001

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