Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gualtiero Bosse (Bass) (Riga 1877 – St. Petersburg 1953)


Son of a French pianist and Swedish singer, Riga born he studied in St. Ptersburg under I. Rosset, then Italy with Ronconi  and Pintorni. Since 1903 he appeared in Italy (Milan, Genua, Venezia, Padua), Holland (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hague), then gave a recitals in Germany (Berlin, Leipzig, Hannover). In 1905 he returned to Russia and became a soloist ofthe St. Petersburg Italian Opera. In 1906 he appeared at the New Opera of St. Petersburg. In the 1906-1909 season he sang at the Opera House of Kiev. From 1909  to 1920 he was a soloist of the St. Petesburg Mariinksy Theatre. He retired from the stage in 1940. He made only four records for Extra Record.

Chronology of some appearances

1905 St. PetersburgItalian Opera
1906 St. PetersburgNew Opera
1906-1909 Kiev Opera House
1909-1920 St. Petesburg Mariinksy Theatre


Extra Record
Juive (Halevy): Cavatine 

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