Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Albert Alvarez (Tenor) (Bordeaux 1861 - Nice 1933)

His real name is Raymond Gourron. He was first bandmaster of a military chapel, but in 1883 began to study singing under Martini in Paris. 1886 debuted at the Opera of Ghent ain Gounod’s ‘’Faust’’. He then sang in Lyon and Marseille in 1892 and came to the Grand Opera of Paris. He sang on 06.20.1894 in the premiere of Massenet’s “Thaïs” in the role of Nicias, in 1895 sang in the world premiere of “La Montagne Noire” of Augusta Holmès, two years later appeared as Walther von Stolzing in the Paris premiere of  Wagner’s “Meistersinger” (in french language). In 1897 he performed in the world premiere of A. Bruneau’s  ‘’Messidor,” in 1901 in the world premiere of “Astarte” by Xavier Leroux, in 1904 in “Le fils de l’Étoile” by Camille Erlanger. He participated at the Grand Opéra in Paris also in 1896 at the premiere of the opera “Hellé” by Victor Duvernoy, in 1898 in “La Burgonde” by Paul Vidal and in 1905 at the premiere of the opera “Fredegonde” by Ernest Guiraud. In Monte Carlo, he starred in the world premieres of operas “Messaline” De Lara (21/03/1899) and “Hélène” (dedicated to Nellie Melba) of Saint-Saëns (02/18/1904). With Jules Massenet and with the then-known composer Isidore de Lara, he was acquainted. Almost every year guested frequently from 1893 to 1903 at Covent Garden Opera in London. Here he sang on the 20/06/1894 the role of Araquil in the world premiere of the opera “La Navarraise” by Massenet, in 1893 in the world premiere of “Amy Robsart” by Isidore De Lara. In the 1899-1903 seasons he appeared at the Metropolitan Opera in New York (debut as Roméo in “Roméo et Juliette” by Gounod). In the  1907-08 he undertook a major tour in Belgium and Germany. Then he sang at the Grand Opéra again, and finally he worked as a teacher in Paris.

Chronology of some appearances

1886 Ghent Opera House Faust
1892 Lyon Opera House
1892 Marseille Opera House
1893-1903 London Covent Garden
1894 Paris Grand Opera Thaïs
1895 Paris Grand Opera La Montagne Noire
1896 Hellé Paris Grand Opera
1897 Paris Grand Opera Meistersinger and Messidor
1898 Paris Grand Opera La Burgonde
1899 Monte Carlo Opera House Messaline
1899-1903 New York Metropolitan Opera
1901 Paris Grand Opera Astarte
1904 Paris Grand Opera Le fils de l’Étoile
1905 Paris Grand Opera Fredegonde
1907-08 Belgium and Germany Tour


Pathé cylinders & discs, Paris 1903?
Noël d'amour (Luigini) 1621
Roméo et Juliette (Gounod): Cavatine 1625
Le biniou (Durand) 1626
Stances (Flégier) 1627
Martha (Flotow): Lorsqu'à mes yeux 1628
La rosilla (Yradier) 1629
Walküre (Wagner): Chanson du printemps 1634
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Pauvre Paillasse 1636
Lasciali dir (Tosti) 1637 
Otello (Verdi): Arioso di 2° atto 1639
Carmen (Bizet): La fleur 1640
Le soir (Gounod) 1646
Sigurd (Reyer): Un souvenir poignant 1651
Ninon (Tosti) 1652
Africaine (Meyerbeer): Air de Vasco de Gama 1655
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Entrata di Pagliaccio 1656
Joseph (Méhul): Champ paternel 1658
Roi d'Ys (Lalo): Aubade 1662
Les boeufs (Dupont) 1664

Pathé, Paris 1905?
Me cal mouri (Tasmin) 0233
Prophète (Meyerbeer): Duo du Ve acte with Delna 0235
Favorite (Donizetti): Duo du IVe acte with Delna 0236
Faust (Gounod): Salut, demeure 0241
Faust (Gounod): Salut, ô mon dernier matin 0244

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