Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Luisa Bertana (Mezzo-Soprano) (Quilmes, Buenos Aires 1888 –Buenos Aires 1933)

She began her education under Rinaldi in Buenos Aires and made her debut in 1921 at the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires as Preziosilla in ‘’La forza deldestino’’. Then she came to Italyand was engaged by Arturo Toscanini to appear at La Scala; here she debuted in 1922 as Maddalena in ‘’Rigoletto’’. Since then she had at La Scala a glittering career. She appeared there also on 1. 5. 1924 in the premiere of Boito’s of posthumous opera ‘’Nerone’’ under the direction of Toscanini in the role of Rubria. In 1926 she sang at the same opera house in the Italian premiere of Mussorgsky’s ‘’Khovantchina’’ as Marfa. Up to her death she appeared many times at La Scala and at the Teatro Costanzi of Rome (among other things in 1928 in the premiere of Boito’s ‘’Nerone’’ and in the premiere of the opera ‘’Dafni’’ of Giuseppe Mule), at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and in other Italian stages. Year after year, in addition, she sang at the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires. Here she was involved in several opera premi¨res (‘’La vida breve’’ of M. de Falla (1923) and ‘’Debora e Jaele’’ of  Pizzetti, ‘’Nerone’’ of Boito (1926), in 1929 ‘’Khovantchina’’ of Mussorgsky and ‘’La campana sommersa’’ of  O. Respighi). At  the Teatro Colon she also sang in the premiere of the Argentine opera ‘’Ollantay’’ of Constantino Gaito (23. 7. 1926). On 6. 6. 1933 she sang at the Teatro Colon the role of Adalgisa in ‘’Norma’’', fallen ill she died after some weeks from Pneumonie. She was married to the Italian conductor Angelo Questa.

Chronology of some appearances

1923 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Trovatore (Azucena)
1923 Rio de Janeiro  Teatro Municipal Trovatore (Azucena)
1923 San Paolo  Teatro Municipal Trovatore (Azucena)
1926   Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Trovatore (Azucena)
1927 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Trovatore (Azucena)
1928 San Paolo  Teatro Municipal Norma (Adalgisa)
1928Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Norma (Adalgisa)
1928 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Trovatore (Azucena)
1929 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Norma (Adalgisa)
1930  Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Norma (Adalgisa)
1931   Firenze  Teatro Della Pergola Norma (Adalgisa)
1932 Genova  Teatro Carlo Felice Norma (Adalgisa)
1932  Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Norma (Adalgisa)
1933 Buenos Ayres Teatro Colon Norma (Adalgisa)


HMV, Milano 1924-05-15
Nerone (Mascagni): La confessione Or tutto e confessato with Carlo Galeffi DB732 2-054142
Nerone (Mascagni): Laggiu tra i giunch with Carlo Galeffi DB732 2-054143

Fonotipia, Milano 1925-05-05
Trovatore: Ai nostri mondi with Aureliano Pertile 74944 xxPh 5586

Fonotipia, Milano 1926-04-02
Ballo in maschera (Verdi): La rivedro with Antonio Righetti, Ines Maria Ferraris, Cesare Baromeo and Aureliano Pertile 74973 xxPh 5680
Ballo in maschera (Verdi): E scherzo with Antonio Righetti, Ines Maria Ferraris, Cesare Baromeo and Aureliano Pertile 74974 xxPh 5666

Fonotipia, Milano 1926-04-14
Mi ranchito viejo! (Canción argentina) (trad) 152038 Pho5720

Odeon/Fonotipia, Milano 1931-01-16
Amico Fritz (Mascagni): O pallida, che un giorno mi guardasti 168778 Mo3404

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