Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pia Tassinari (Soprano) (Modigliana 1903 - Faenza 1995)

She studied under Alessandro Vezzani in Bologna and under Manlio Marcantoni in Milan. In 1927 she debuted in Casale Monferrato (province Alessandria) as Mimi in ‘’Boheme’’. After her debut followed appearances at the Teatro Fenice, Veniceand at the Teatro Lirico, Milan. In 1931 she already came to La Scala, where she had from 1931-37 and 1945-56 big success. She sang in this opera house also in several premieres, thus in ‘’Don Giovanni’’ of Felice Lattuada, in ‘’La Forsa Amorosa’’ of  Zandonai and in ‘’Notturno Romantico’’ of Pick-Mangiagalli. From 1933-43 and 1951-52 she also belonged to the ensemble of the opera house of Rome. In 1942 she appeared at the opera house of Romein Piccinni’s ‘’La buona figliuola’’. In 1941 she married the tenor Ferruccio Tagliavini (1913-95). In 1943 both singers guested together in Amsterdam and in Hague. After the second world war they appeared a lot in South America, especially since 1945 at the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires. In  the 1947-48 season she was engaged by the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Here she sang as a beginning role Tosca, then also the role of Mimi in ‘’Boheme’’. In 1949 she sang at the Chicago Opera  the role of Marguerite in ‘’Faust’’ of Gounod. She also appeared in the festival of Verona(1936-37, 1954) and with the Maggio musicale Florence. Since 1952 she started to appear as mezzo-soprano and then had also in this vocal field in Italy a big career, especially as Carmen, as Dalila in ‘’Samson et Dalila’’ of Saint-Sa«ns, as Amneris in ‘’Aida’’ and as Charlotte in ‘’Werther’’ of Massenet. In 1962 she appeared for the last time in Philadelphiaas Carmen. 

Chronology of some appearances

1927 Verona  Arena Otello (Desdemona)
1931 Torino  Eiar Lohengrin (Elsa)
1931 Genova  Teatro Carlo Felice Mefistofele (Margherita)
1931  Roma  Eiar Mefistofele (Margherita)
1932  Modena  Teatro Municipale Mefistofele (Margherita)
1932 Parma  Teatro Regio Mefistofele (Margherita)
1933  Ravenna  Teatro Alighieri Manon Lescaut (Manon)
1934  La Valletta/Malta  Teatro Reale Manon Lescaut (Manon)
1934  Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Lohengrin (Elsa)
1934 Trieste  Teatro Verdi Lohengrin (Elsa)
1935  Pola  Arena Mefistofele (Margherita)
1935  Milano  Teatro alla Scala Lohengrin (Elsa)
1935  Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Lohengrin (Elsa)
1936 Verona  Arena Otello (Desdemona)
1936 Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Lohengrin (Elsa)
1936 Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Mefistofele (Margherita)
1936  Milano Teatro alla Scala Mefistofele (Margherita)
1938 Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Lohengrin (Elsa)
1938 Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Mefistofele (Margherita)
1938 Roma  Teatro dell'Opera Werther (Carlotta)
1939  Trieste  Teatro Verdi Lohengrin (Elsa)
1940 Fano Teatro Della Fortuna Werther (Carlotta)


Boheme (Puccini): Sono andati with Arturo Ferrara  M 35013 A

Turandot (Puccini): Non piangere Liu  with Arturo Ferrara 35040 B

Boheme (Puccini): O soave fanciulla with Piero Pauli DB1932 2M 1208-II

Cetra 1943-06-12
Lohengrin: Sola nei miei prim'anni BB25120   2- 70897
Lohengrin: Aurette a cui BB25120  2- 70888

Cetra 1943-06-14
Werther:  M'ha scritto che m'ama BB25122 2- 70910

Cetra 1943-06-
L'amico Fritz: Son pochi fiori  BB25037  2- 70618
La Boheme:  Donde lieta usci BB25143 2- 70898

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