Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mikhail Karakash (Bartione) (Simferopol, Ukraine 1887 - Bucharest, Romania 1937)


From 1908 to 1910 Karakash studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory with Stanislav Gabel. From 1911 to 1918 he was a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, where he made his debut as Onegin in ‘’Eugene Onegin’’ and as Grjaznoj  in ''The Tsar's Bride''. During the summer Karakash continued his vocal studies in Milan with Vittorio Vanza and Nicolai. From 1915 to 1917 he appeared at the St. Petersburg Musical Drama Theatre and with different opera companies at the Russian provinces, as well as in Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Berlin. Since 1918, he sang as a guest in various Moscow theatres, including Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and S. Zimin’s Opera. In 1921 he left  his wife Elisaveta Popova for the guest appearances in Italy, Spain and France and sang until the early 1930s in Belgrade and with the Paris-based Russian Opera Company. He staged a number of operas with this and other opera companies, as well as appearing in recitals. From 1931 he was a professor of the Rachmaninov Conservatory, Paris. One of the best russian baritones of the early 20 century Mikhail Karakash possessed an equal, ringing voice of the metal  timbre, distinct diction. His singing differed nobleness of phrasing, expressiveness. He was an excellent actor.

Chronology of some appearances

1911-1918 St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre
1915-1917 St. Petersburg Musical Drama Theatre


Gramophone, St. Petersburg  22-3-13
The Queen of Spades (Tchaikovsky): I love you 022320 2744 ½c

Gramophone, St. Petersburg  25-10-13
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Should I decide on domesticity 022344 2878c

Gramophone, St. Petersburg  30-10-13
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Finale scene Part1 with Elisaveta Popova 024080, 2886½c
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky):  Finale scene Part2 with Elisaveta Popova 024081 2887c

Gramophone, St. Petersburg  5-11-13
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Mesdames, I have taken the liberty with Aleksander Aleksandrovich, Elisaveta Popova, Alexandra Sakhnovskaya 024083 2891½c

Gramophone, St. Petersburg  16-3-14
Prince igor (Borodin): No sllep, no rest  022358 297af
Demon (Rubinstein): Duo demon-angel with Alexandra Sakhnovskaya 2-24291 5769ae
Flaing on the steel horse (Song of aviation) M. Yakobson-Y. Gitin 4-22725 5826ae
Nero (Rubinstein): Epitalamium  Glory to thee, god Hymen 4-22726 5771ae
Don Juan  Serenade (Napravnik) Unpubl. 5768ae

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