Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Friday, August 19, 2011

Alexander Bogdanovich (Tenor) (Smolensk 1874 - Moscow 1950)

He was Born into a family of teacher. He completed a medical degree and was already a practising physician when he began vocal studies in St Petersburg with Irena Onnore and later, in Milan, with famous tenors Augusto Broggi and Fernando Valero. Since 1897 Bogdanovich incidentally took lessons of singing from Leonid Sobinov. For participation in revolutionary student's circles repeatedly was exposed to reprisals. From 1900 Bogdanovich worked as a doctor first in Smolensk (here participated in musical evenings, where for the first time has acted as the singer-amateur). In 1901 Bogdanovich was arrested, but thanks to efforts of Leonid Sobinov in January 1902 was released from the prison. In 1906 Bogdanovich made his debut as Sinodal in  ''Demon'' (Rubinstein) at the Private Russian-Italian Opera Theatre in St. Petersburg, where appeared with success one season. In the 1904/1905 season he appeared in Tiflis, the next year in St. Peterburg National Opera House. From 1906 to 1936 Bogdanovich was a soloist of the  Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and he helped to establish there Opera Studio. Since 1930 he was the artistic director of the Stanislavsky Opera Theatre. His repertoire included the roles of Tsar Berendey (''The Snow Maiden''), Finn (''Ruslan and Ljudmilda'') Faust, Lohengrin and Alfredo (''La Traviata'') - almost the same as that of Leonid Sobinov, who gave him the initial encouragement to undertake a singing career and backed him, both financially and morally, during the difficult years of study and apprenticeship. He possessed voice of a rare beauty and had a soft timbre. Bogdanovich in perfection owned vocal technique  of italian belcanto. after more than 30 years of appearing on the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre he performed in 45 operas.

Cronology of some appearances

1906 St. Petersburg Private Russian-Italian Opera Theatre
1906-1936 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre


G&T, St Petersburg1904?
She was yours (Gretchaninov) 2-22550 1392z
Far off, far off (Bleichman) 2-22551 1393z
Rusalka (Dargomijsky): Unwillingly to these sad shores 2-22553 1395z
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky):Whither, whither 2-22572 1418z
Ruslan and Ljudmila (Glinka): There is a distant country 2-22571 1421z

G&T, St Petersburg 1905/1906
Mignon (Thomas): Ah! Non credevi tu 2-22908 3495L
The Little Slippers (Tchaikovsky): Does the maiden hear? 2-22906 3493L
Princess Greza (Bleichmann): This love is a delightful sleep   2-22907 3491L
What happiness! (A. D.Davydov) 2-22909 3496L

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