Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Giustino Zara (Baritone)

He made his debut in his native country. In 1908 he went to USA, where he had a prolific career. Episodically he appeared also as bass.

1897 Savona  Teatro Chiabrera Boheme (Marcello)
1898 Oneglia  Politeama Umberto I° Boheme (Marcello)
1901 Como  Teatro Cressoni Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1902 Lodi  Teatro Gaffurio Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1906 Voghera  Teatro Sociale Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1908 Philadelphia  Grand Opera Barbiere di Siviglia (Don Basilio)
1908 New York  American Theater Carmen (Escamillo)
1908 Philadelphia  Grand Opera Carmen (Escamillo)
1908 Philadelphia  Grand Opera Pagliacci (Silvio)
1909 Philadelphia  Chestnut Theater Pagliacci (Silvio)
1909 Philadelphia  Chestnut Street Theater Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1909 Philadelphia  Chestnut Street Theater Carmen (Escamillo)
1909 Philadelphia  Chestnut Street Traviata (Germont)
1909 San Francisco  Princess Theater Carmen (Escamillo)
1909 San Francisco  Princess Theater Pagliacci (Tonio)
1909 San Francisco  Princess Theater Traviata (Germont)
1910 Brooklyn Majestic House  Boheme (Schaunard)
1910 New York  People's Theater  Boheme (Schaunard)
1911 New York  People's Theater Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1911 New York  People's Theater Pagliacci (Silvio)
1911 Syracuse  Wieting Theater Boheme (Schaunard)
1914  Augusta  Grand Theater Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1914  Augusta  Grand Theater Pagliacci (Tonio)
1914  Jacksonville  Teatro Duval Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1914  Jacksonville  Teatro Duval Pagliacci (Tonio)
1914 Norfolk  Teatro Wells Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1914 Norfolk  Teatro Wells Pagliacci (Tonio)
1914  Atlanta  Atlanta Theater Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1914  Atlanta  Atlanta Theater Pagliacci (Tonio)
1914 Knoxville  Staub's Theater Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1914 New York  Thalia Theater Tosca (Scarpia)
1914 New York  Thalia Theater Traviata (Germont)
1914 Richmond  Academy of Music  Tosca (Scarpia)
1914 Richmond  Academy of Music  Traviata (Germont)
1914 Memphis  Lyceum Theater Tosca (Scarpia)
1914 Memphis  Lyceum Theater Traviata (Germont)
1914   St.Louis Olympic Theater Tosca (Scarpia)
1915 London Covent Garden Lucia di Lammermoor (Lord Enrico Ashton)


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