Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lorenzo Simonetti (Tenor)

Simonetti mostly appeared in Spain and had a short career. Probably he made a few cylinder records.  

Chronology of some appearances

1894  Lisbona  Coliseo Recrejos Ugonotti (Raoul)
1894 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor Rigoletto (Duca)
1894 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor Traviata (Alfredo)
1894 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor  Sonnambula (Elvino)
1895 Barcellona  Teatro Tivoli Rigoletto (Duca)
1896 Barcellona  Teatro Novedades Ugonotti (Raoul)
1896 Madrid  Teatro Buen Retiro Pagliacci (Canio)
1897 Sabadell  Teatro Euterpe Sonnambula (Elvino)
1897 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor Pagliacci (Canio)
1898 Madrid  Teatro Buen Retiro Carmen (Don Jose)
1901 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor Carmen (Don Jose)
1901 Oviedo  Teatro Campoamor Pagliacci (Canio)

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