Greatest Opera Singers

Greatest Opera Singers

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Renato Zanelli (Tenor) (Valparaiso 1892 - Santiago 1935)


Like many of the great Otellos (including Tamagno and Calleja), Zanelli started his career as a baritone and developed into a tenor during the early years of his career. Throughout his career, he retained a richness of timbre that served him well in dramatic roles, and the secure bottom notes that helped make him "the new Tamagno," particularly as Otello. His acting was as acclaimed as his singing, and he had a particularly commanding stage presence, well-suited for heroic roles. Born Renato Zanelli-Morales of Italian descent, he studied in Santiago with Angelo Querze, making his debut there as a baritone in 1916, as Valentin. He later sang such important baritone roles as Tonio, de Luna, and Renato. His New York Metropolitan Opera debut came in 1919, as Amonasro. He remained there until 1923, singing most of the major Italian baritone parts. Following a suggestion from Arturo Toscanini, Zanelli went to Italy where he studied with Dante Lari and Fernando Tanara in Milan. His first appearance as a tenor occurred in 1924 at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, as Raoul. He went on to sing widely in Italy and South America in roles as diverse as Pollione, Don José, Andrea Chénier, Canio, Tristan and Siegmund. He studied Otello under Leopoldo Nugnone, and sang the role for the first time in Turin in 1926, repeating it for his 1928 London debut. His portrayal of Otello was notable for the intensity of its dramatic utterance. In 1930, he appeared in the world premiere of Pizzetti's Lo Straniero, and made his La Scala debut in 1932 as Otello. He was also adding Wagner roles to his repertoire, centered around the more lyrical Lohengrin, Siegmund, and Tristan. During this time, he was already fighting cancer, sang his last Otello in 1933. Zanelli had a rich voice and was equally successful as a baritone and a tenor, his early death from cancer cutting short a brilliant career. His brother was the noted baritone Carlo Morelli.

Chronology of some appearances

1920 Salerno Teatro Verdi Madama Butterfly (Sharpless)
1925 Bari Teatro Petruzzelli Fanciulla del West (Dick Johnson)
1925 Parma Teatro Regio Norma (Pollione)
1925 Torino  Politeama Chiarella Otello (Otello)
1926 Milano  Teatro Dal Verme Mefistofele (Faust)
1926 Firenze  Teatro Verdi Otello (Otello)
1927 Fiume  Teatro Verdi Otello (Otello)
1927 Ancona Teatro delle Muse Otello (Otello)
1927 Il Cairo  Teatro Khediviale Otello (Otello)
1927 Torino  Teatro Vittorio Emanuele Otello (Otello)
1928 Modena  Teatro Municipale Otello (Otello)
1928 Piacenza Teatro Municipale Otello (Otello)
1928 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Andrea Chenier (Andrea Chenier)
1928 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Otello (Otello)
1928 Trieste Politeama Rossetti Otello (Otello)
1928 Bologna  Teatro Comunale Otello (Otello)
1928 Mantova  Teatro Sociale Otello (Otello)
1929 Lisbon  Coliseo Recrejos Carmen (Don Jose)
1929 Padova  Teatro Verdi Otello (Otello)
1929 Venezia Teatro La Fenice Otello (Otello)
1929 Lisbon Coliseo Recrejos Otello (Otello)
1929 Ravenna  Teatro Alighieri Otello (Otello)
1932 Milan La Scala Otello (Otello)
1933 Buenos Aires Teatro Colon Norma (Pollione)



As Baritone

Victor, 1919-09-16
Zazа: (Leoncavallo): Zazа, piccola zingara 64907 B23157

 Victor, 1919-09-18
La Spagnola (Di Chiara) 64834 B23163

Victor, 1919-09-25
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Si puo?... Dunque  64831, 64832  B23161, B23162
Zazа (Leoncavallo): Buona Zazа 64835 B23156

Victor, 1919-10-10
Favorita (Donizetti): A tanto amor 74632 C23401
Wally (Catalani): T'amo ben io!  64922 B23402

Victor, 1919-10-29
Los Ojos Negros(Alvarez) 64858 B23445

Victor, 1919-12-16
Rigoletto (Verdi): Pari siamo  74622 C23193

Victor, 1920-11-29
Ay ay ay (Perez-Freire)  64951 B24710

Victor, 1921-02-23
Cloches de Corneville (Planquette): J'ai fait trois fois 66025 B24932

Victor, 1921-04-01
Marianina (Ferri) 66013  B25123

Victor, 1921-07-11
Il Sogno (Tosti)  66055 B25390

Victor, 1921-07-12
Mamma (Alla memoria di mia madre) (Gastaldon) 66167 B25392
Ave Maria (Luzzi) 74747 C25393

As Tenor

HMV, Milano 1924-09-15

Carmen (Bizet): Il fior  Unpubl. CT918

HMV, London1928-06-18
Otello (Verdi): Niun mi tema DB1173 2-052380
Otello (Verdi): Dio! mi potevi scagliar DB1173 2-052381

HMV, Milano 1929-06-22
Otello (Verdi): Dio! mi potevi scagliar DB1173 32-606
Otello (Verdi): Niun mi tema DB1173 32-607

HMV, Milano 1929-06-24
Otello (Verdi): Una vela!... Esultate! with Enrico Roggio, Guglielmo Masini and Nello Palai DB1439 32-1406

HMV, Milano 1929-06-25
Andrea Chenier (Giordano): Un di all'azzurro DB1339 32-601

HMV, Milano 1929-06-26
Andrea Chenier (Giordano): Si fui soldato DB1339 32-602

HMV, Milano 1929-12-11
Carmen (Bizet): Sei tu?... Son io! with Gianna Pederzini DB1539 32-1128

HMV, Milano 1929-12-13
Otello (Verdi): Giа nella notte densa… Ed io vedea  with Margaret Sheridan DB1395 DB1395 32-1129  32-1130

HMV, Milano 1930-03-12
Otello (Verdi): Tu?! Indietro!... Ora e per sempre addio DB1439 32-600

HMV, Milano 1930-06-30
 Stabat Mater (Rossini): Cujus animam Unpubl. CM1691

Live, La Scala
Tristano e Isotta (Wagner): Duo with Ebe Stignani Duo 

Zanelli Renato by Stampanoni

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